Additive thinking.
A sum of individualities addressing a plurality of individuals.

Colville is the creative encounter between three different minds and three personal points of view. A sum, not a mix. The irregular and the imperfect put-together are integral to the outcome: a collection that’s a sum of pieces, that is eclectic and idiosyncratic.

Clothes to be worn, cherished, mixed and matched.
Clothes that are bold and brave, considered and careful, sensitive and detailed.
Clothes that are real: addends to a lasting discourse.

Pieces can be assembled, disassembled, reassembled, following individual whims. Putting the unexpected together. Not one way to wear it, but as many as there are viewpoints.

Hunters and gatherers, odd and individual: so are our women. Building their own reality as a product of the imagination, and living it.

Unexpected breeds of clothing, subverting the familiar by playing with proportions, shapes, prints. Fitting together like an imperfect jigsaw puzzle: clashing colors, unlikely partnerships of textures, a touch of craft, tailoring and flou.

Carrying on, adding, and growing: carefully and thoughtfully making meaningful collections that will enhance the last. It all comes and will come together naturally.